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Bourbon Freakshakes!


Sweet Louisville! Alcoholic Freakshakes you say? Our Southern dreams have come true! We’ve been busy testing a variety of incredible flavour combinations – a sprinkle of this, a mix of that to whip you up something real, real nice!

Praise the Lord of heavenly desserts because we’ve managed to create two sacramental Freakshake recipes with our friends from Bulleit Bourbon whiskey and they’ll be launching this August 2017. Introducing, (can I get a drumroll please) – our brand new Espresso Martini Freakshake.

This wonderful mix of darkness and cream infuses Bulliet bourbon, Kahlua, Espresso, salted caramel ice cream topped with Nutella cream, biscotti and chocolate and vanilla wafers. And if coffee ain’t your thing, well how about Mama’s Bourbon Cobbler Freakshake!

This sweet little (perhaps not so little!) thing holds the key to our heart with a blissful mix of Bulleit bourbon, Peach liqueur, salted caramel ice cream, vanilla topped with vanilla cream, peaches and mama’s pineapple upside down cake.

Come on down to Joe’s in Covent Garden and discover our brand new Bourbon Freakshakes. Which one will satisfy your craving?

Both Freakshakes are £10.95 and will be available from Joe’s Southern Table and Bar in Covent Garden during August 2017 – be sure not to miss them!