Our Birds

Joe's Birds are Happy Birds

All of our free-range birds are purchased through Taste Tradition, a Yorkshire based collective of farmers where birds are produced to the highest of welfare standards. A dedicated team spent several months travelling the length of the UK in search of the best chickens before finding Church Hill Farm in Yorkshire where we proudly source our birds from!

It was essential that our birds are free to roam and express their natural behaviour.

Gluten-Free Fried Chicken

A few years ago, gluten-free products were virtually unheard of, except in health food stores. Now, with growing health concerns and the demand for coeliac-approved products, gluten-free food is far more commonplace regularly sold in supermarkets or offered on restaurant menus.

We don’t want anyone to miss out on our Fried Chicken. Our customers asked for gluten free Fried Chicken and we delivered the goods! Same great taste, and gluten free!